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Vedic Maths is to make Maths easy like our day-to-day activity.  In other words, one should enjoy maths.

Vedic Maths has nothing to do with religions.  It is all about Mathematics.

If some one asks us, what are 12 times 12 equals to ?   We have to think hard, or solve the sum by school’s conventional method, which takes some time, or else we use a calculator for quick reply.

Vedic Mathamatics is our own Indian Ancient Maths, by which we can get answer in few seconds, but we have become slaves of calculators, generated by western countries.

If we look in to the past, the era without computers, era without calculators, the era few hundred years ago, only one word comes in our mind, that is Veda.  There are four Vedas; Vedic Mathamatics is based on part of Parisista of Atharvaveda. 

It’s said that the ruler of Baghad invited a scholar from Ujjain, where he taught science and Maths.  They also translated Indian books into Arabic.  This system them traveled to Europe in the 11th century.  A scholar named Al-Biruni traveled to India to learn the Indian schences.  Living for thirty years he wrote a number of books, one of them was called ‘Hisab-al-Hindi’.

Jagatguru Bharati Krsna Tirthaji Maharaja, between 1911 to 1918, made the re-discovery of Vedic Maths.

Vedic Mathematics comprise of, set of Sixteen Sutras. These Sutras can be called Formulas, Techniques, Tricks, we can visualize the answer within the questions itself. In other words we can say, Vedic Mathematics is a vision to see the answer within the question.

Now let us observe how easy this Magical formulae works.

Say 105 × 107 = 1(1 × 1) / 12(5 + 7) / 35(5 × 7)……….11235.

Yet another: 12345 × 11 = 1 / 3(1+2) / 5(2+3) / 7 (3+4) / 9 (4+5) / 5..........135795.

By breaking the question in systematic manner, we can read the answer within the question itself. Isn’t it magic?

More than 95% Indians do not know the technique of this Magical Maths.

By using technique of Vedic Maths a student can solve any mathematical problem in a matter of few seconds instead of minutes, which saves time as well as earns more marks in the examination. This knowledge empowers students of Mathematics with Short Cuts in Multiplications, Division, Square, Square roots and Cube roots.

A difference of 5 to 10 marks in final examinations makes lots of difference, especially for seeking admission in College.

Comparing Vedic Maths with U C Maths (Math used in U.S. and other countries), we find that students needs Abacus, an instrument devised by China, which contains beads, to learn U C Maths; Secondly, it takes a long time (few weeks) to learn its application for addition and subtraction and thereafter (still more weeks) for its applications in Multiplication and Division.


As against this, a student can learn the basic principles and magical tricks of Vedic Mathematics, and apply them in problems relating to Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and also to solve the problems of Square, Square Root and Cube Root in as little as 6 sessions of one hour each. Vedic Mathematics is also useful for solving problems of Algebra, Trigonometric and Calculus. It is also used for Astronomy and Numerology.

Vedic Math removes the fear and monotony of the western methods of Mathematics that banishes the interest from the mind almost forever.

“The idea is that the children should use the calculator between their ears,”

For whom is Vedic Maths meant?

·       If you are a student with fear of Maths?

·       Being intelligent student but due to lack of time could not complete your Maths paper?

·       Is your mental calculation speed is too low?

Vedic Maths has no boundaries. It can be used by children of classes 3-4 to students of Engineering or M. Tech.

Here are four simple reasons for you to learn Vedic Maths.

1.     It is simple and speed hence saves lots of precious time.

2.     It makes complex calculations simple.

3.     It increases mental concentration.

4.     You are confident of the answer.

We the Indian Institute of Vedic Mathamatics with an association with M.P. T.A. are sure that Maths will no longer be difficult and boring after going through this training.  We are confident that you will find Maths easier than before.

Mr. Thomas Friedman of New York Times in his speech said :

“in 60s when we were young kids growing up in America, we were told to eat vegetables at Dinner and not to leave them.  Mother used to say, “Think of the starving children in India and finish the dinner”

And now after 40 years, in new Millennium, I tell my children “Finish your Maths homework.  Think of children in India, who would make you Starve”

Resently, Mr.Barak Obama, President of America had also pointed out to the American children regarding doing their homework of Maths & Science, otherwise, he warned that the children in India & China will occupy your employment in future.

NASA, a famous America Space Agency use this mental one-line system of arithmetic in the field of Artificial Intelligence.  Even on their web-site for employment form, there is specefic coloumn regarding “do you know Speed Maths (Vedic Maths) ? 

Today, Vedic Maths has become part of the education syllabus in U.K.,Ireland, Holand, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and USA and also picking up in Sweden, Germany, Italy, Poland and Singapore.


It is useful in todays competitive examinations like CET, SET, UPSC, MPSC, BANKS, IAS, IPS, IFS, various entrance examinations etc. which the children of today has to face in future for their bright career opportunities.

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