Institute Of Vedic Mathematics

Kind Attention!!!

Can you do the all the following calculations in 60 Seconds without using a calculator or any other instrument?

1)     12345 X 11

2)     98 X 109

3)     Square of 88

4)     893484 X 999999

5)     123 X 234

6)     Cube Root of 300763

7)     2.5 % of 550

Come to us and we will show you how!!!

“ Certificate Course in Vedic Mathamatics “

Eligible to all

Benefits :

ü  Faster Calculations

ü  Easy to understand, follow and practice

ü  No calculator or any other device

ü  Saves time during exam while rechecking

ü  Necessary for today's student for facing future competitive examinations like IAS, IPS, BANKS, UPSC, CET, AIEEE, SCOHOLARSHIPS etc.


Wish to appoint you as “SALES FRANCHISE” for selling its Distance Learning Certificate Course on Vedic Mathematics which is useful to various students who are going to appear to the various competitive examinations.  The student can solve the complicated mathematical problems within the magical time limit without the use of any calculator or other instruments.  If you are having good contacts to the school authorities/student-parent’s organization, etc. it is a golden chance for you.

                             For result oriental person, for remuneration , the sky is limit.

                             There is no time restrictions/bossing or sales target.  Be your own boss.  If you are interested, then please contact:



                            Contact: Mr. Avinash

                                    Mobile: 960 4751851   e-mail:


Ø  When the level of knowledge is same speed and accuracy will differentiate.

Ø  Mathematics is the central point of a student’s success.

Ø Mathematics was never so easy; it becomes Mathemagic after understanding Vedic Mathematics. A person who successes in mathematics will automatically successes in his life very speedily.


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